Chronic Pain

Everyone has experienced pain at various times in their life, however chronic pain does not go away quickly. The pain and suffering from chronic pain dominates every aspect of a person’s life resulting in multiple life changes and losses, including loss of power and control, loss of independent functioning, social relationships, personal and professional identity, and more.

Chronic pain is a complex condition with physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components that affects the brain and spinal cord, not just the parts of the body that hurts physically. Therefore, fixing the physical source of the pain alone may not be enough.

Helping you overcome what feels unbearable.


I work with my clients one-on-one in individual therapy to develop a pain management plan that addresses their specific needs and symptoms. 

My treatment approach is integrative and incorporates multiple modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, grief counseling to address loss resulting from chronic pain conditions, and teaching clients biopsychosocial, dietary, and lifestyle approaches to pain management. I also help my clients acquire the coping skills to better manage depression, anxiety, and stress, which often co-occurs with chronic pain.

Likewise to adults, children also feel pain, which can create significant challenges for children socially, academically and psychologically. I utilize play therapy and expressive arts to help children build coping mechanisms to reduce their emotional and physical distress. Play therapy allows children to freely express their feelings, thoughts, and experiences with pain in a safe and natural way, without the pressure of regular talk interventions. I also provide parents with supportive guidance on how to support their child with pain management outside of therapy.

You do not have to suffer alone. Please contact me to discuss a customized treatment plan that will meet your needs.


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